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Corporate Sustainability is a Prime Growth Strategy

Corporate Sustainability is at the core of successful business strategies

Corporate sustainability, which was once just a concept that was adopted by few companies in the 1990’s, is now revealed as a major driver of their growth and an essential part of their business strategy. Researchers from University of Missouri examined corporate sustainability policies in Nike and Adidas, two majors players in the textile and apparel industry. While both companies took a different approach to corporate sustainability, they now represent the two most successful examples of its implementation. After consumer protests in the 1990’s, Nike in particular is now benefiting from the transparency of its production processes by improved sales and a positive brand image.

FUTURE TRENDS by Startling Brands, Corporate Sustainability Business Strategy, Illustration by Mario Dzurila

An electrically-charged solution can prolong the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates the global volume of food wastage to be 1.3 billion tons per year. Prolonging the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables by just one day can have a tremendous impact on the quantity of food we throw away. UWE Bristol’s Professor of Health and Environment, Darren Reynold, claims that his team has developed an inexpensive, electrically-charged, salty-water solution, which can kill bacteria responsible for food spoilage and extend our food’s shelf-life. This could affect the entire food supply chain, making food production, distribution, and sales more effective and resulting in less wasted food overall.

FUTURE TRENDS by Startling Brands, Product Shelf life, Illustration by Mario Dzurila